1. The roof ridge natural ventilator can effectively control and discharge the residual heat in the workshop, discharge the high-temperature gas in the workshop, and effectively improve the working environment.Continuous work in a specific environment, safe and reliable operation.

2, the structure of the roof of natural ventilation device layout is reasonable, has good shelter function, can effectively prevent the backflow of outdoor air, and reliably prevent rain, snow, the function of infiltration, to ensure that the roof ridge natural ventilation device in any weather conditions do not leak to the indoor water seepage, and affect the normal roof ridge natural ventilation device.

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3. The roof ridge natural ventilator itself is firm, safe and reliable, and can bear the local wind load and meet the relevant seismic codes of the region.

4. The structure of natural ventilator should meet the requirements of the current relevant codes and regulations.The safety level of the load-bearing structure is two.

5. The throat width of the roof ridge natural ventilator should meet the requirements of the architectural design and construction drawing.

6. The finished roof ridge natural ventilator shall meet the requirements of natural ventilation, and shall have the functions of windproof and rainproof.The basic air pressure of the roof design is 0.3kN/㎡, the wind resistance load of the natural ventilator on the roof ridge is 4.8kN/m, and the effective ventilation area per meter length is 5.4m².

7. The roof ridge natural ventilator shall include the connecting steel frame between the ventilator and the roof, and shall be responsible for the treatment of flooding Angle with the roof.

8. The roof ridge natural ventilator requires tight waterproof, contacts and joints to ensure no infiltration of rainwater.Adopts special butyl adhesive seal suitable for the area where the factory building is located, and the weather resistance is -40℃ ~ 100℃ to seal the contact joint, so as to ensure no seepage of rainwater.

9. The appearance of the roof ridge natural ventilator must be smooth, flat, without rust spots, without bending phenomenon in the length direction, and the framework shall be painted according to the requirements, and have good anti-corrosion ability.

10, the welding seam shall not have cracks, ash, air holes and arc pits and other defects, and shall not have residue, splashes.

11. In the process of design, manufacture and installation, the deformation of the natural roof ventilator due to thermal expansion and cold contraction shall be considered.

12. At least one fan of each section of roof ridge natural ventilator should be set for maintenance


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